Weapon of choice

So, you’re a beginning photographer and just read my previous article stating that digital cameras have taken over photography.  Now you are probably wondering what the heck kind of camera to get. Well, I am here to try to make your search a little easier and compare the two most popular camera companies on the market; Nikon and Canon.

Being a little biased, I took the time to ask other photographer’s their opinions which camera they prefer and would recommend for someone just starting out in photography. According to Richard Gross, Photography Instructor at Estrella Mountain Community College, “Canon is easier to use.” Mr. Gross, whom you may remember from my previous article, has been taking pictures for over 30 years.

Whereas Wedding Photographer, Mher Hagopian tells us, “Nikon’s are best because their interface screen shows you completely what your camera is doing as you are making changes to its settings.”

If you do the research, you will find that the cameras match up fairly even. If price is your selling point, Nikon’s D3100, an entry-level camera is less expensive than Canon’s entry-level EOS Rebel T3. Other specifications you can look into are auto focus control, vibration reduction, shutter speed, iso, and accessories; depending on your needs in a camera. You can find more information on specifications on both companies’ websites. The websites also allow you to do comparisons of each camera the company has to offer to help you decide which suits you best. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. 


2 thoughts on “Weapon of choice

  1. Your article includes your opinion as well as the opinion of others, which I think helped it out. One thing that I will say though, is that, you didn’t link the websites for those that maybe wanted to compare the websites. Although it is easy to just look it up, it is easier for someone to click on the link. Your article did stay within the word limit.You did include an expert source and my overall impression of the article is that I liked. I liked how you included the fact that one camera is cheaper than the other if someone wanted to start out.

  2. The usage of the expert sources was really good, and I love how you showed both sides of the “brand-war.” It’s always nice to see others’ view points on “which camera is better” and seeing why it is good to them in their specific professions.

    The one thing I would suggest is make sure the quotes kinda match up. With Mr. Gross’ quote, It would be awesome read why he thinks Canon is easier to use. And also what has already been said which is adding links to the websites you mention!

    The word count meets the requirements, and everything that makes this article great is there! Keep it up!

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